For a guide to cloth diaper abbreviations and terms, see here.

I was first given some Medium g-diapers by a cousin to use with my oldest. She knew we CD’d and we would put them to good use.  I had the microfiber inserts made by BumGenius and I just did not like how they worked. Fastening in the back was odd, the inserts were strange (I’m used to putting them inside the BG One-Size 3.0s).  So, I stopped using them.

Then we welcomed #2.  And I received 3 more Small g-diapers from my SIL (who had rec’d them from someone else and knew I might use them). Started tri-folded prefolds and putting them in the shell and now these are my 2nd go-to diaper for #2!  (First being fitted diapers w/ fleece covers). I stuff them ahead of time and put them with our AIOs and even DH can grab these and put them on without any problems!  They’re as easy as using tri-folded prefolds + covers normally, which I am also rediscovering this time around.

Fastening in the back is still kinda weird, but I’m getting the hang of it.  The prefolds are very absorbant (as always). And I’ve only had one blowout, but #2 had been in it awhile, sleeping, and I hadn’t wanted to wake her. Even then, it wasn’t that bad.

The cotton is super-soft and I have one cute print, so it’s kinda fun.  So-far the velcro is holding really well, but I’ve only been using them consistently a week or so. We will have to see how these hold up over time.

So, now I’m hoping to find some on clearance, at garage sales, or basically almost free. Would like some more. 🙂