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What is CouponMom?

CouponMom is a one-stop website showing sources for not only printable coupons, but online coupon codes for online shopping.  Stephanie, the Coupon Mom, does a great job of keeping all of this up and for FREE!

What is available?

Printable grocery coupons (she has links to SmartSource,, Redplum, etc.).  She also has links to request samples, get online codes, etc.

Grocery Lists

This is where she excels.  You are able to have a shopping list created for you according to places you shop (for my area, this includes: Target, Walgreens, Jewel, CVS, Walmart).  For each item on the list, she details where you can find the coupon, what the value of the product is, the price of product, price after coupon, and then % saved.  Items that are FREE are marked in red. This is great way to see items where you can save 75% or more at these stores. She even marks items that are good for charity donations.  NOTE: Any of my readers who might have problems finding blogs or websites posting deals for their state (IA, SD, FL and ID come to mind), she creates shopping lists for some of the major grocery stores in these states (Publix, Smiths, Hy-Vee, etc).  So, this might be the best place for you to find your deals, since I am not familiar with those stores!  But she does include the national chains like Walgreens, which would be valid for everyone!

Grocery Coupon Database

Similar to other online databases, she has compiled any available coupon for you.  This is great way to create the match-ups I post here and that you see elsewhere online.  Do a search for “tortilla” for example and see every brand that has issued a coupon.  Personally, I prefer the database over at Hot Coupon World, because they also show expired coupons (and I like to shop at Dominick’s because they take expireds). By using databases like these, you don’t have to clip every coupon.  Huge timesaver!


This is a great site and service to use where everything is all in one place, especially for grocery shopping.  And especially if you are new, it gives you a place to start.  She does not, however, follow the catalina deals available at some stores (and these are some of the ways to save the most when they are offered).