Ever want to try something new? Either a recipe, or a new way to save money? On Tuesdays, I blog about something I have tried and my thoughts and feelings about how it went.


I have been wanting to have a clothesline in our backyard for a long time. But we live in a townhouse and have a very small yard.  DH & I finally figured out that we could install eyehooks on either side of our fence and connect a line across the yard using clips.  This gives us about 15 feet of line, and we installed enough to have 3 lines.  It also can be taken down when not in use. Last week I was finally able to use it and hung out several loads of laundry over the course of the day.

Overall, the system worked very well.  Depending on the size of the loads, I had enough room for 2 loads of laundry hanging at a time.  Our yard is on the south side of our townhouse, so there is direct sun most of the day.  And we still get a breeze through the yard, even though it is fenced in.  This allowed for most of our clothes to dry within a few hours.  Everything came in soft and smelling fresh.

The only downside I could come across with this initial trial was that our cloth diapers dried “crunchy”. There is really no other way to describe it.  The actual texture and feel of the fabrics changed on almost all of them and I was afraid they would be too harsh on the kids’ skin. In fact I ran them through an air-fluff cycle on the dryer to try and soften them up.  I wonder if this is a problem for all families that CD. I know many of them hang the diapers to dry.

And the line we had purchased started to stretch out as the day progressed. However, we had anticipated this and have since tightened them further.  After several uses, it should be taught enough to not stretch out.

Even with these drawbacks, I will still be hanging our laundry out to dry whenever it is not raining, and we are home.  What a great way to save energy and save money.  If you can do this, try it.  There are many commercially made lines out there that you can install easily. There are even lines you can hook in your garage to your garage door rails!

I just felt like I was getting back to my roots! It was actually fun.  But finding the clothespins was a challenge; good thing MIL still had hers from their old house.

What have you tried this week?