Ah, the never-ending dilemma of a baby’s diaper rash.  What caused it? What should I use on it? How bad is it before I need to call the doctor? A mother’s constant worry.  And for those of us who cloth-diaper there is the added question: What diaper cream won’t ruin my diapers?

What about Brand X that everyone recommends?

According to Jillian’s Drawers, a cloth diaper retail online store: “Many conventional diaper rash creams are petroleum based, which can leave a tar-like residue on cloth diapers when washed. Basically, your cloth diapers will start repelling and leaking. So, definitely don’t use a petroleum-based diaper rash cream with cloth diapers. However, you may have another non-petroleum based favorite… we recommend doing two things:

1) Try a small amount of your diaper rash cream on the corner of one of your cloth diapers. Wash, dry, and repeat. Is there a visible residue? Does that area repel liquids? If not, then you should be able to use the cream with your diapers.

2) Use any diaper rash cream, but just use a flushable liner to keep the cream off of the diapers!”

So, are there any diaper creams made specifically for use with cloth diapers?

I, myself, have always followed the advice given in point 2 above.  And this has pretty much served me well.  However, #2 has very sensitive skin and has a chronic diaper rash unless I keep her in a breathable cover.  So, I’ve asked myself this question also in the last few months. And I have found some that I think would work great with our cloth diapers (but I’ll be sure to use tip#1 above before using them regularly!).

Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Cream

Northern Essence Better Butt(er) Cream

California Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Weleda Calendula Diaper Care

And this one just intrigues me. GroVia Magic Stick

Has anyone out there tried any of these? If so, leave a comment!