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Whole Foods Market Shopping Guide

** = Stock-Up Price

Whole Foods sales vary by region, and even by store. These deals were made using the ad from the Schaumburg IL store.

Don’t forget! Whole Foods will take $0.10 off your order for every reusable bag you use for your purchase!

Read my post here about buying organic.


I try and focus on products that are good for you and your family, but I also know how it is to try and grocery shop on a non-existent budget. Stick near the top of my list as much as you can for a healthier shopping trip. And take a quick walk around the perimeter of your store at the beginning and at the end of your shopping, if you can. Bonus exercise!

NOTE: At Whole Foods, the products are already either organic or natural, so I’ll be mixing these into the sections for these posts.


  • Conventional red cherries $2.99/lb.
  • Organic peaches $1.99/lb**


  • Pine Manor Boneless, Skinless chicken Breast, no antibiotics $3.99/lb. **
  • Boneless top sirloin steak, no antibiotics $5.99/lb
  • Ready-to-cook shrimp skewers 10/$10



  • Snack Factory pretzel crisps 2/$4
  • Rufus Teague BBQ Sauce 2/$6.99
  • Simply Asia marinades 2/$2.99
  • Steaz soda 4-pk 2/$4.99-$5.99
  • Michael Season’s reduced-fat potato chips 2/$3.69

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