EcoMom has Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF -35, B2G1 FREE! With FREE Shipping. This sunscreen’s active ingredients are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. You will find no harsh ingredients here!

Be sure to also check out their Lifetime Ecopass, available for a limited time.  The Ecopass gives great benets & discounts. Check it out!

EcoBabyBuys is offering Organic Mama’s Nursing Bracelet & Two Charms at 50% off regular price = $16.50! (Valid today, 7/10 only, while supplies last) “Organic Mama’s nursing bracelet is more than a pretty, fun piece of jewelry – it’s also a reminder bracelet that tracks your breastfeeding schedule. It can remind you which breast you fed from last and the time that your baby last fed, using numbered and colored beads to represent a 12-hour clock. The number beads represent the hours of the day and the 3 colored beads separating each number represent 15 minute increments. You simply place the moveable charm in the spot to mark the time you last fed your little one. The bracelet can also be used for a kick counter, glasses of water consumed, time medication was taken, nap times or dirty diapers.

Be sure to head over to EcoBabyBuy’s Facebook page and Like them. When they reach 3,000 fans, they’re giving away a Tulip Rumparooz G2 diapers with 6r soakers to 2 Lucky Fans!

The Glass Baby Bottle is having a great sale on eco-friendly glass bottles and stainless steel feeding sets.  Prices starting at $5.99!

The Glass Baby Bottle was conceived of by the husband and wife team of Guy and Kristie Turck in response to the bafflingly lax standards we saw in retail and manufacturing regarding what is considered a safe baby or toddler product. Lead paint in toys, BPA in baby formula and bottles, toxic dyes…the list just seemed to get longer every day! …

Among other unsettling facts: current U.S. law does not require or force chemical manufacturers to prove their chemicals are safe before using them in consumer goods such as baby products. Hard as that may be to believe, it’s a fact.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands and settled on a simple list of guiding principles:

  • The products we carry contain, to the limits of current scientific knowledge, no known toxins.
  • The products we carry be eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable.
  • The products we carry be manufactured in a socially responsible fashion.”

And with that, I have a full weekend planned with my family.  Everyone have a good one!

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