I noticed that the best deals at a lot of the little areas stores are in produce, and not much else.  So, this week I’m putting them all together. If you like it, leave me a comment and I can make it a regular post. All produce is conventional (non-organic), unless otherwise marked. Anyway, here are the produce deals I see in the Schaumburg IL area this week (lowest prices overall are starred):


Dominick’s has a 100% Guarantee on their produce. If you don’t find it completely fresh, ripe and delicious, they’ll refund your money AND replace your produce.

  • X-Large Red Lion Nectarines $.99/lb
  • Sweet Rainier Cherries $2.99/lb
  • Large Tropical Mangos 2/$1
  • Locally Grown Romaine red/Green Leaf Lettuce $.99/lb
  • On The Vine Cluster Tomatoes $1.77/lb
  • Large Haas Avocados 4/$5
  • Jumbo Vidalia Onions $1.29/lb
  • Michigan-grown fresh blueberries, pint 2/$5
  • Grape Tomatoes, pint 2/$5
  • Red/Green/Black seedless grapes $1.99/lb
  • Green Cabbage 2/$1
  • Eating Right peeled baby-cut carrots, 16oz. 2/$3
  • Jumbo Cantaloupe melons 2/$5
  • Fresh Express salad bags 2/$6
  • Red Potatoes, 5lb. bag $3.49

Aldi’s (July 14-21)

  • Blueberries, pint $1.19**
  • Pineapple $1.19ea**
  • Honeydew melon $1.99ea
  • Strawberries $1.19/lb
  • non-produce deal: Fit & Active turkey bacon $1.99, 12oz. good deal. 🙂

Shop & Save Market (July 14-20)

  • Northwest Large Sweet Rainier Yellow Cherries $1.99/lb**
  • Fresh pickles $.39/lb**
  • Sweet Strawberries $.99/lb**
  • Sweet whole red seedless watermelon $2.99ea**
  • Romaine Lettuce $.49/lb**
  • Fresh lita squash, opo squash, or chinese eggplant $.99/lb
  • Zucchini/yellow squash $.69/lb
  • Cucumbers 3/$1**
  • Green Onions 3/$1**
  • Jumbo Sweet Cantaloupe 2/$3
  • Jumbo Green Peppers $.79/lb**
  • Whole White Mushrooms, 12oz pkg $1.79
  • Jalapeno, poblano, serrano, hungarian wax or cubanella peppers $.79/lb
  • Organic golden ripe bananas $.79/lb**
  • Organic Driscoll red raspberries $2.99ea**

Valli Produce (July 14-20)

  • Large Sweet kiwi fruit 10/$1**
  • Washington Bing Cherries $1.99/lb**
  • Fresh Cluster Tomatoes $.69/lb**
  • Fresh Michigan zucchini $.39/lb**
  • Fresh Super Select Cucumbers $.39/lb**
  • Fresh California Romaine Lettuce $.39/lb**
  • XL Fresh jalapeno Peppers $.49/lb**
  • Sweet Ancient Red Long Peppers $.89/lb
  • Compari Tomatoes, 1lb pkg $.99
  • Fresh Limes 20/$1**
  • XL Sweet California Nectarines $.69/lb**
  • Sweet Michigan Blueberries, pint 2/$3

Jewel-Osco (July 15-21)

  • Illinois Sweet Corn $.22ea (Thu-Sat only)
  • Wisconsin Cabbage $.28/lb (Thu-Sat only)**
  • Tennessee Green Peppers $.58ea (Thu-Sat only)
  • Tennessee Vine-Ripe Tomatoes $.78/lb (Thu-Sat only)
  • Michigan Blueberries, pint $1.28 (Thu-Sat only)
  • Farm Stand Celery $1**
  • Indiana Muskmelons $1.99ea
  • Illinois Peaches $1.29/lb**
  • Michigan Garden Fresh Cucumbers $.49ea
  • Green Seedless Grapes $1.99/lb
  • Sweet Northwest Cherries $3.99/lb
  • Chiquita Fresh & Ready Avocados $1.79
    • FREE WYB 2 Fresh Express salad bags 2/$5
  • Jumbo Russet Potatoes, 8lb bag $3.49
  • Farm Stand baby carrots, 1lb. $1.49
  • Sliced White Mushrooms, 16oz. $3.29
  • Whole Seedless watermelon, large 13.17lb. $4.98ea

Whole Foods Market (July 14-20)

  • Conventional Nectarines $1.69/lb
  • Athena conventional melons 2/$4
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