This ceramic cup stands 5.75 inches tall and holds approximately 15oz.  It has a silicone lid, as well as a silicone sleeve.  The sleeves are imprinted with catchy eco-friendly sayings and come in different colors. Mine reads: “Saving the world one cup at a time”.  🙂


It looks exactly like a disposable cup that you would pick up at popular coffee-shops. But this one is reusable, which is what I am all about.


The biggest thing that I love about this cup is that it is DISHWASHER and MICROWAVE SAFE! How awesome is that?  One of my biggest pet peeves is hand-washing dishes and that lonely insulated mug never seemed to get clean, or water would get in the inner sleeve, etc.  Just a pain.  With this, I pop it in the dishwasher at night and in the morning, voila! Clean cup.   You do not need to remove the silicone sleeve to wash it, but the ceramic underneath will get cleaner if you do.  Although I put the silicone in the dishwasher also (top rack) and coffee, lipstick, melted chocolate (don’t ask) comes right off.  And because it is ceramic, I don’t have to worry about BPA or other chemicals leeching into my hot coffee or tea.


As much as I love this cup, there are a few things I would change about it if I could.

The lid doesn’t always stay on. Now, if you’re walking down the street this probably isn’t that big of a deal. But when you’re in the car and want to pick up your cup… which the cupholder in my car is directly beside the seat and I have to grab the cup by the edges and lift up… if the lid comes off, you end up with coffee everywhere. Big mess.

Second, the silicone sleeve seems to get hot.  I can still hold the cup, but it just seems warmer than my insulated travel mug did. I know this is also an issue with disposable cups, but I thought I would point it out.

Lastly, it just doesn’t seem to hold that much. Maybe I drink too much coffee?  My old travel mug seemed to hold almost 1.5 times the amount that this cup holds. I find myself refilling the mug more.  Of course, I realize that my travel mug is probably larger than 15 oz.

Last Thoughts

My overall experience with this coffee cup has been fairly positive.  I love how easy it is to clean and I am adjusting to the smaller volume size.  If the lid would fit more securely it would be perfect.

Buy It

This mug can be purchased from Amazon or at some Walgreens locations (find your local store here).

DISCLOSURE: This product was purchased by me for personal use, not for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are my own.