Sadly, Erin over at The Conscious Shopper has made the decision to stop writing her blog. Read more about this decision here. She will be leaving her blog up for anyone (like me!) who is only just now starting the Conscious Shopper Challenge and will continue to issue Challenges through her other blog: The Green Phone Booth.


Trim Your Waste-Line

Last week I wrote about my current Challenge: Trim Your Waste-Line.  I kept track of how many trash bags we went through last week and it was better than I suspected: 2.  However, keeping track definitely made me much more conscious of what went to the garbage vs. the recycling bin.

On to Week 2: Switch to Cloth Bags.

Hmmm… well that shouldn’t be so difficult either.  Because I already use resusable bags most of the time, I’m going to tackle the Marathon Runner version of this one: “Become a full time cloth bag user. Never bring home a plastic bag again! Take your cloth bags with you every time you shop.”

Check back with me next week!

Anyone want to join me on this? Head over and take the Challenge!

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