Sadly, Erin over at The Conscious Shopper has made the decision to stop writing her blog. Read more about this decision here. She will be leaving her blog up for anyone (like me!) who is only just now starting the Conscious Shopper Challenge and will continue to issue Challenges through her other blog: The Green Phone Booth.


Challenge #1 – Trim Your Waste-Line

Week 1 I kept track of how many garbage bags we used.

Week 2 I used ONLY reusable bags in all of my shopping. (Went well – only once did we not use reusable bags and that was because DH went by himself and forgot a bag. Me? I would’ve bought a new one at the store to make sure I kept up 100%).

Although it amazes me what they try to give you bags for!  I mean, seriously. Do I need a bag for the newspaper I picked up at Walgreens? No. I was even able to get all of my produce while grocery shopping without a bag (not including those already packaged in bags.  I really couldn’t strip the organic celery hearts of their branded bag. And there weren’t any bulk ones available).

Week 3 is here and here is this week’s mini-challenge: Start using a reusable water bottle or thermos.

Well, anyone who has been reading this blog for a while already knows that I LOVE my Eco Coffee Cup. 🙂 I also LOVE my stainless-steel water bottle that I got here. (I will have to write-up a review on that one soon!).  So, I’m thinking this may not be a hard week either.  As you have seen in the past, each mini-challenge has 3 possible versions: Baby Steps, Jogging Stride or Marathon Runner.  For this week, I’m going to do the Marathon Runner again: “Use your own water bottle/thermos at restaurants. Once you’ve got the hang of reusing at home and work, it’s time to take your new habit out into the world. When you go to a restaurant that uses disposable cups, ask them to put your beverage in your own water bottle or thermos.”  I’m not sure I can get DH to follow this 100%, because we are not together 100% of the time. But we shall see.

Check back with me next week!

Anyone want to join me on this? Head over and take the Challenge!

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