Sadly, Erin over at The Conscious Shopper has made the decision to stop writing her blog. Read more about this decision here.She will be leaving her blog up for anyone (like me!) who is only just now starting the Conscious Shopper Challenge and will continue to issue Challenges through her other blog: The Green Phone Booth.


Challenge #1 – Trim Your Waste-Line

  1. Week 1 I kept track of how many garbage bags we used.
  2. Week 2 I used ONLY reusable bags in all of my shopping.
  3. Week 3 Start using a reusable water bottle or thermos.
  4. Week 4: Green Your Household Cleaners

I know it’s been nearly a month since my last update on this challenge. But do not think that I haven’t been working hard on it. I gave myself permission to not stress about it and think I HAD to move on to the next step. So, needless to say, I focused on #4 for nearly a month.  And boy, will you benefit!

I found recipes for nearly every kind of cleaner you could use in your house – even things like Febreze and a shower cleaner! – all from common household items. And I’m happy to say, they all work great.  So great, in fact, that I have a post currently brewing with all of the recipes Just For You!

AND I was able to find some great sources for reusable items like fake-Swiffer pads, dusters, and even ack! Toilet brushes!  So, stay tuned for that post in the near future.

This week’s mini-challenge is: Dispose of Your Disposable Paper Products and it mentions that it is focusing on those items that you CAN’T recycle.

The varying degrees on this challenge are:

  • Baby Steps: Use fewer disposable paper products
  • Jogging Stride: Buy paper products with recycled content.
  • Marathon Runner: Use cloth.

I’m thinking… Marathon. When we got married 5 years ago, I switched us over to cloth napkins, towels, even handkerchiefs for me!  And I’ve already told you about my switch to reusable feminine products. We all know DH & I love the cloth diapers and wipes for the kiddos. And lately…. *looking around* I’ve been using cloth TOILET PAPER for me probably 75% of the time.   So, I’m going to strive really hard to ONLY use cloth this week for everything.  (Maybe I should make it a goal to convert DH 100% to the handkerchief and cloth TP ideas…  maybe I shouldn’t push it.)

Check back with me next week!

Anyone want to join me on this? Head over and take the Challenge!

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