Sherri over at Cutie Poops and Bottoms is getting in some new WOOL and cashmere longies and soakers made by a WAHM.  These are priced really great ($25 for the soakers and $28 for the longies), plus shipping & handling. Obviously, that could change at any time.

The soakers are snap one-size covers. The longies look like they’re the pull-on type. In either, some are embellished, some are not.

They are NOT on the online store yet and for anyone who is local, they are NOT in the brick&mortar store yet.  But they are coming soon and she is selling them on her Facebook page.

And they are going FAST! So, head over if there is something you might want to look at!

If you are not familiar with wool/cashmere covers, these are great for night-time use. Or if you have a little one (like I do), who just needs breathable covers. Or if you prefer natural over synthetic fabrics. Sounds crazy, but wool is great for all of these. And no, they’re not hot.  I have a friend in Florida (Yes, FLORIDA!) that swears by these for her son.

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