Sadly, Erin over at The Conscious Shopper has made the decision to stop writing her blog. Read more about this decision here.She will be leaving her blog up for anyone (like me!) who is only just now starting the Conscious Shopper Challenge and will continue to issue Challenges through her other blog: The Green Phone Booth.


Challenge #1 – Trim Your Waste-Line

  1. Week 1 I kept track of how many garbage bags we used.
  2. Week 2 I used ONLY reusable bags in all of my shopping.
  3. Week 3 Start using a reusable water bottle or thermos.
  4. Week 4: Green Your Household Cleaners
  5. Week 5: Ditch those Disposable Paper Products
  6. Week 6: Go Green in the Bathroom

Obviously, I am taking longer than a week to post on these challenges. That doesn’t mean they weren’t completed in a week. It means I have 2 children under 2 who take priority over this blog. 🙂

Regardless, going green in the bathroom was not as daunting as it may seem. In fact, for the requirements of the challenge, I was well within the Marathon guidelines.  My goal was to advise all of you better ways to Ditch the Disposables in your bathroom.   And in the research for that post, I’ve stumbled on ways that I can further reduce our/my waste in the bathroom.

#1- Shampoo: I’ve decided I’m going to try the No ‘Poo method as soon as my current bottle of shampoo is finished (which should be this week).

#2- Subscribe to the Preserve Toothbrush plan. 🙂 Will be doing this after the holidays.

#3- Deodorant: Make my own. After I’ve mastered the No ‘Poo challenge.

So, as I move through these, I will be sure to let you in on it all!

The next mini-challenge from the Conscious Shopper is: Green Your Diapers.

The varying degrees on this challenge are:

  • Baby Steps: Switch to eco-friendly diapers.
  • Jogging Stride: Use cloth diapers at home.
  • Marathon Runner: Use cloth diapers full time.

Well, as my regular readers already know, we use cloth diapers on both of our children.  The only time they are not cloth diapered, is when they are at my MIL’s (2 days a week) and that is simply because she chooses to buy disposable diapers. For us, choosing cloth was to save money. So, if she wants to buy disposables and isn’t asking us to pay for them, that’s up to her. If she wants us to pay for them, she’s going to use cloth. 🙂 Simple as that. Our other two sitters use our cloth diapers without any problems. One watches them at her house and everything just goes in a wet bag. The other watches them at our house and knows our system.

So, for all of you who want to take on this challenge, go ahead. But I’m moving on to the next challenge: Reduce Packaging.

The varying degrees on this challenge are:

  • Baby Steps: Buy concentrated products. Buy products in bulk.
  • Jogging Stride: Eat fresh foods. Limit individually packaged foods.
  • Marathon Runner: Buy from the bulk bins. Choose used over new.

Some of this is so easy for me: I buy used whenever possible and encourage it from others when they are buying gifts for myself or the kids. I love fresh foods. Some is new: I’m researching concentrated products like Dr. Bronner’s and as soon as my budget will allow, I’m buying some! I’ve never bought from the bulk bins at Whole Foods or at any store (other than produce). And with #2 constantly wanting a snack or a “treat”, individual items are sometimes easier.  *sigh* Ok, I’m going to take on this challenge this way: With each and every purchase, I’m going to stop and think:

  1. Is there a way to get this used or with no packaging?
  2. Is there a way to buy more of this item, to limit the amount of packaging?
  3. Is there a way to buy this that great-grandma would have recognized it – pure, whole, and fresh?

Check back with me next week!

Anyone want to join me on this? Head over and take the Challenge!

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