For anyone who may have been following, I have been having a discussion with Dene Godfrey, a UK-based chemist who contributes to Personal Care: Information Based on Scientific Facts. He was upset with the post I had written regarding personal care products, stating that not all of my facts were accurate. You can follow the exchange here.

He pointed me to the website mentioned above and I’ve spent quite a bit of time this morning reading various posts on it. AND I’ve subscribed to receive updates, because the articles are very informative and must be read by anyone trying to find the truth.

I advocate self-education above all else. I encourage you to read this site, as well as the sources I used in my original post, and make your own decision. As with many things in life, the information does not always fall into black & white, but in a gray area and only by using common sense, and the facts you are given, can you arrive at the best decision for you and your family.