Looking for a new laundry detergent? Head over to Baby Steals today, 1/4 ONLY, and pick up Dropps Baby Laundry detergent for $44.99 (240 loads) or $25.20 (120 loads).

“Introducing Dropps Baby – an innovative liquid laundry detergent that makes washing onesies and cloth diapers laundr-easy. BabySteals tested and approved, its super-concentrated scent-free, dye-free, enzyme-free formula fits in tiny, pre-measured toss-and-go dissolvable pacs and is incredibly tender on sensitive baby skin.”

These are dissolvable pacs (like the Cascade dishwasher ones) and look very intriguing.  May have to try these out! Especially if they’re cloth-diaper safe!

Has anyone tried these? Let me know!