The buzz all over the cloth diaper universe is about Eco Sprout detergent.  I was lucky enough to be sent a sample to try out and tell you all about it!


Eco Sprout was created by a WAHD who wanted something “that was environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and 100% natural.” After doing his research, he developed a detergent that is great, not only for CDs, but for all of our laundry. It has no dyes, no brighteners, no enzymes, no phosphates, & is SLS free.

The detergent is available in a variety of scents, including Lavender Chamomile, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and even In the Buff (unscented!).  It is great for use with HE or regular machines, hard or soft water. Whatever you have, this stuff can take it! We have a top loader and hard water.


When I first opened my sample of Eco Sprout, I was very very surprised. It came in a cute drawstring bag, and the powder is so fine. Honestly, despite all of the rave reviews all over the place, I was skeptical.

The makers of Eco Sprout recommend that first-time users soak for several hours, overnight if possible, to help draw out any build-up left by other detergents.  What I learned: DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! The first time I used this detergent, I just used it like I would any detergent: in the diaper laundry. The diapers came out clean, but there wasn’t that AWESOME clean everyone was raving about. The ammonia was still there after it was peed on, etc.  Thought about just giving up on this new, fancy detergent. But then, I did the most unthinkable thing ever: I read the directions that came with the sample.

Now, since diaper laundry is done 2-3 times a week in our house, it wasn’t long before another load was ready. And this time, I soaked them overnight in our bathtub first. Anyone who has ever done a soak like this knows that the water gets really ugly, really fast.  I was tempted to just throw them in the wash and be done with it. But I just shut the door and let it sit overnight.

The next morning, I drained the water and then (after squeezing as much excess water as I could out) hauled the diapers in a wet bag to the washer and dumped it in. After following the directions this time, 2 hot washes later, the microfiber inserts (which are the worst part!) came out feeling softer than they had gone in.  My brow furrowed and my lips pursed: could this be working? Sniff test. *sniff sniff* No, no residual stink.  No waxiness at all. And many of the stains were either completely gone, or greatly faded. Huh, this may have worked.

But it was time for the ultimate test: the babies.  As my regular readers know, I have a 2 in CDs.  And as I can count on one of them to have a wet diaper at least once an hour, I knew I wouldn’t have long to wait.

About 20 minutes later, #2 starting getting fussy. She absolutely hates being in a wet diaper. And it is the fussiness, accompanied by the ammonia smell, that lets me know it’s time to be changed. I check her and yes, she is quite wet.  *sniff sniff* But no smell. None.  Ok, good.

The rest of the diapers from that load went through the same test on both kids and passed with flying colors: no ammonia stink. I also was able to do a load of regular laundry with what was left of the sample and it worked like a charm. Normal kid stains: gone.


This is a great detergent, not only for use with cloth diapers, but for anyone with sensitive skin, or who is looking for an eco-friendly detergent. But if you are battling ammonia stink with cloth diapers and have tried everything, I mean absolutely everything: you must try this newcomer.  It stands head-to-head with their competition, Rockin’ Green.


You can pick up your own bag of detergent over at Eco Sprout’s new website.  A 24 oz bag is $7.98, and a 48 oz. bag is $13.98.  Or see if a retailer near you is carrying it. (And if they’re not, ask them to!)  It looks like they are working on more products, so be sure to Like them on Facebook for first-hand news!


Eco Sprout was generous enough to offer a 2 oz. sample bag of their Sandalwood Vanilla scent to one lucky Green & Frugal Mama reader:

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Disclosure: Green & Frugal Mama received no compensation for this review. Eco Sprout provided me with a free sample of this product. However, I was under no obligation to write a positive review, nor to sponsor a product giveaway in return for this free sample.   All opinions expressed are my own.