New to couponing? Check out this page first.

There are several basic questions you should find out the answers to to help you get the most for your money when shopping at any store.

Step 1: Do they have a frequent shopper card?

At Dominick’s they offer the Fresh Values Card.  You can sign up for these at the Customer Service desk and will give you the advertised “preferred card” pricing when it is scanned.

Step 2: Do they participate in any catalina programs?

Yes. However, these are not always advertised.  It is best to follow blogs like this one to see when and how to work most catalina deals.

Catalinas at Dominick’s will usually roll when offered (meaning you can buy Product A for a catalina and use it in another transaction on another Product A).

Step 3: Do they have an official coupon policy?

Yes.  See it here (updated 9/15/10).

Go to the following websites (you will be required to create an account (login & password), but it’s free!) and load ecoupons to your Fresh Values card:

Not familiar with ecoupons? Check out this page first.

Step 4: Do they offer an organic store brand?

Dominick’s does offer the O Organics brand, in addition to other name-brand organic products. Good and at a good price. Currently, you can find $1/1 coupons for O Organics products in the store. At my store, they’re in a basket on the pharmacy counter and are valid until 12/31/10. However, you are only allowed to use one per transaction.

Step 5: What is their weekly ad cycle?

Dominick’s ad is valid Thursday-Wednesday and will often include store and manufacturer coupons.  Store coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons for greater savings.

Step 6: Do they offer additional publications?

Periodically, Dominick’s will publish savings and recipe booklets. These can often be found throughout the store and I will try to post when and where they are found.

Step 7: Anything else I should know?

Not at this time.

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