This is for my Iowa & South Dakota Readers. If any of you find something is not correct here, let me know, because I do not get to shop at Hy-Vee often.

There are several basic questions you should find out the answers to to help you get the most for your money when shopping at any store.

Step 1: Do they have a frequent shopper card?


Step 2: Do they participate in any catalina programs?

Yes, any of the National Catalinas should work at Hy-Vee.

Step 3: Do they have an official coupon policy?

Yes.  It is found here.

Step 4: Do they offer an organic store brand?

Hy-Vee does offer its Health Market brand, which offers Organic and Natural varieties.  Hy-Vee also sells Full Circle, a bargain organic brand.

Step 5: What is their weekly ad cycle?


Step 6: Do they have any internal publications that offer savings?

They often have fundraising coupon booklets that are sold by various area schools to raise money.  They cost about $5 and are full of Hy-Vee store coupons (and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons!).  There is also a coupon for $5 off your entire order.  🙂 So, pick these up whenever the kiddos are out selling!

Also, from time to time, they do offer coupon books that can be found at the customer service desk or at the register.

Step 7: Anything else I should know?

Not that I am aware of.  If you know of a tip that I don’t, leave a comment so others can learn it also!

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