E-coupons, or electronic coupons, are loaded onto your frequent shopper card and will come off of your order when the card is scanned. No clipping involved!


  1. To load coupons to your Jewel Preferred card, go to the Jewel website.
  2. In the center of the homepage, you will see 3 tabs. Select Today’s savings.
  3. You can view the weekly ad here. But scroll down and select “Your Personalized Coupons”.
  4. Enter your Jewel Preferred card number.
  5. The page that follows is your Avenu savings.  You must view this page to load these savings to your card. And these savings are only valid for 1 week. These can be combined with Manufacturer coupons for greater savings!



You can load e-coupons to your Fresh Values card in four places: Dominick’s website, P&G esaver, Cellfire, and ShortCuts. Each site will require you to create a login/password account.(NOTE: Sometimes you can also sign into the Safeway website, because Dominick’s is a Safeway store, and add coupons there also).

The coupons on these sites have their own expiration dates and can be a few months out from the date you load them. Coupons will appear and disappear periodically on these sites, so it is always just a good idea to load everything whenever you see it. I have been pleasantly surprised many a time by getting a discount off my transaction, because of an ecoupon I had forgotten about.

New Dominick’s coupon policy went into place 9/15/10 and now prohibits the stacking of paper manufacturer coupons AND electronic manufacturer coupons. In regards to multiple manufacturer coupons for an item: “If a customer presents two coupons for the same item in a single transaction, Dominick’s will give the highest discount for that item, subject to the terms of the applicable offer and/or coupon.”  So… the MAY have lost a lot of my regular business, except for infant formula (and that only for the next 6 months). Will go where the sales are now.

NOTE: For anyone not in the Chicagoland area, or where you do not have access to Jewel or Dominick’s, check at your local store. Many also have frequent shopper programs and can have e-coupons loaded to them (Kroger is one that comes to mind). This is done either on their website, or check the ones listed above. You may be able to get discounts you didn’t even know about (the cashiers at my Dominick’s had no idea about these sites)!

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