Really, coupons can be found just about anywhere.

The Sunday newspaper: This is still probably the number-one source of coupons. The newspaper with the largest circulation in any given market usually has the most coupons. In my area it’s the Chicago Tribune. To get more than one paper’s worth, ask anyone and everyone to save their papers for you, to start.

The Stores themselves: Look everywhere!  You will find coupons on tearpads, blinking dispensers, stuck on products, in the store ads, and printing from registers after your purchase.

The Internet: Thank God for the internet! It has made getting coupons even easier!  First, go to these sites and start printing:

  • Read more on my post here.

Then, visit any participating sites to load to your frequent shopper card (see guide for ecoupons and store shopping guide):

  • (Avenu)

And lastly, visit the website and Facebook page for nearly any product you can think of. Often they will have printable coupons there also. Or a Contact page where you can request them.


Magazines: Quite often you will find high value and unique coupons in magazines.  These are often specific products related to the topic of the magazine.  Even the free magazines I get from my pediatrician and doctor’s offices have coupons in them! Check your favorite rag and see. Publications where I’ve found coupons:

  • Weight Watchers magazine
  • Parade (from the Sunday paper)
  • Parenting magazine
  • Better Homes & Garden
  • Good Housekeeping
  • All You magazine – This is a cheap magazine found at Walmart, or by subscription, that is filled with coupons every month. Many sites and blogs will reference these (using the abbreviation AY with the month of issue following).

Just keep your eyes open at all times!

3 Responses to “How do you get all those coupons?”

  1. May I suggest

    1. Hadn’t gotten to that yet. I actually use the database on because it will show expireds (that work at Dom’s). I’m going to have a page of popular coupon sites, etc. Just haven’t gotten it together.

    2. Roslyn,
      Was going through to refresh myself on what she offers coupon-wise, and all of the links are the same as what I have here already (, Smartsource, Redplum, etc.). The one thing I do love about her site, however, is the fact she creates a “list” for you at some of the stores, and tells you what to use and how much of a sale it is. Very helpful for some items. I’m going to create a separate post for this, and the Grocery Game site.

      Green&Frugal Mama

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