A guide to getting the most out of your money at Walgreens.

There are several basic questions you should find out the answers to to help you get the most for your money when shopping at any store.

Step 1: Do they have a frequent shopper card?

Walgreens does not offer a card at this time. However, they are currently testing a Register Rewards card in some markets, so this may be changing in the future.

Step 2: Do they participate in any catalina programs?

At Walgreens, their catalina program is known as Register Rewards. These print from a separate machine at the register.

Know your Register Rewards (RR) system:

  1. Register Rewards do not roll.  This means you cannot use the RR from one item towards the purchase of another of the same item, or even another from the same manufacturer, and still get the RR again.  When you look at deals posted online, you will see people going back and forth with transactions, to get the most RRs.
  2. Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons. (See Step Three)
  3. Register Rewards will only print once per product per transaction. This means if you get $2RR for a particular item, but buy 2 of those items in one transaction, you will not get $4 RR.  You have to split the items into 2 transactions to get multiple RRs. You can buy multiple items if they are buy Item A, get $X RR and buy item B, get $Y RR.  Just not 2 of Item B, etc.

Step 3: Do they have an official coupon policy?

Unfortunately, Walgreens does not. Their coupon policy can vary from location to location. They do now!  Find it here.

    Step 4: Do they offer an organic store brand?

    Walgreens does not.

    Step 5: What is their weekly ad cycle?

    Walgreens’ weekly ad is valid from Sunday-Saturday.  It includes store coupons that can be paired with manufacturer coupons for greater savings!  It also advertises most of the current RR deals.

    Step 6: Do they have other publications?

    Every month Walgreens publishes a coupon booklet. These are on the racks near the entrance.  They are STORE coupons and can be stacked with manufacturer coupons, but will ring up as MANUFACTURER coupons (See Step Three) when figuring #-of-items:coupons ratio for transaction.

    From time-to-time they will also have additional publications available free in store as well.

    Step 7: Anything else I should know?

    Not at this time.

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